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My hair matches my jammies. That is all.

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-long nailed high five- Dude, I fucking love long nails, especially on other people. They give the best head scratches and get every spot on the back (plus other things). But fucking power to you.

High five! Fuck yes my nails are the actual best for scratching, man. …Plus other things, eh? Wink wonk.

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I feel like there’s this great big rule that if you are a woman and you love other women, you Must Have Short Nails. I mean, I understand *why* short nails are preferred in, achem, certain situations, but like…

I’m pansexual. I dig most people, basically. I’m not hugely feminine, I prefer jeans, t-shirts and converse when it comes to clothes, but I do enjoy wearing eye makeup, jewelry, and I feel kind of naked without nail polish on.

I also really enjoy having long nails. I have strong, pretty nails, and dammit they look awesome when they’re long and all lacquered up.

If I find myself a girlfriend I’ll cut them short, obviously, but I am perpetually single (much to my chagrin, bee tee dubs), so I don’t see the point, y’know?

I guess where I’m going with this is that I sometimes feel like maybe queer women don’t even pay attention to me because of my nails, as if my nails indicate that I’m not queer. And that makes me sad. Because I am queer, darn it. Fancy nails and all.

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raw footage from one of my routines in the february show! fun fact, i totally forgot to put on my gloves for this one and had to bullshit some choreography to cover it up. yay improvisation! 

CUUUUTE. Love the faces on the bra removal! (Facial expressions are one of my favorite things about burlesque, honestly.)

Also, what a great audience!

thanks! :D

i really lucked out with that audience; the people sitting right at the foot of the stage were all members of another burlesque troupe, so they knew the importance of enthusiasm, haha.

You are such a babe! :D

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So there’s this cosplay stats thing going around on facebook and I thought it might be fun to bring it over here too~


[Cosplay Alias]
Moonykins, I guess! People came up to me at London MCM Comic Con and asked me “oh my gosh, are you Moonykins?”!

[No. of Cosplays]
Completed - 7; Works in Progress - 5 

[First Cosplay]
I suppose my first legitimate cosplay that wasn’t an OC was Plato/Admetus from CATS. The first proper costume I made before that was Kamaria, though. A lioness OC done in CATS style. Currently working on a partial revamp of her!

[Favorite Cosplay]
Of my completed ones, it’s probably a tie between Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe and Electra from CATS. I have a feeling Rabbitcat is gonna join them when she’s done, though!

[Next Cosplay]
Rabbitcat. I’m knitting on her legwarmers RIGHT NOW, as a matter of fact. After her I’ll probably fluff Kamaria to have her complete again, and then begin Skimbleshanks.

[Dream Cosplay]
Scar from the stage production of The Lion King. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but gosh I want to make that costume so, so badly. Another one that’s never gonna happen is Abe Sapien from Hellboy.

[Cosplay Specialty]
CATS costumes I suppose! Especially the makeup and the knitwork.

[Cosplay Idols]
I don’t really idolize anyone in the cosplay world. I generally don’t idolize anyone, to be perfectly honest! I have a lot of really talented friends, and I get excited and appreciative when I see quality cosplay, but I don’t idolize specific cosplayers.

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God damn it Hannibal, why did you have to go and disappoint me like that. Give me the science behind how that bird survived, damn it. Or are we just gonna pretend that being encased in a corpse for several hours wouldn’t suffocate it? I am not impressed.

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Illustration on the beautiful song “gay Pirates” by Cosmo Jarvis, clicking here you can hear it. 

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Supernatural fandom should be coming any moment now. 

an unexpected addition but highly appreciated

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Game of Thrones: Fuck yes! About bloody time!!!

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What a lovely surprise to come home to cutepoweredjellyfish! I think I’m most excited about GG having signed it :D



I swear I typed in “What a lovely surprise to come home to <3 Thank you cutepoweredjellyfish!” but I guess the lessthanthree on my phone ate half the post. THANKS TUMBLR APP.

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I mean my rat-identifying is veeeeery rusty (and I was never an expert anyway) but yeah. in theory the breeder should be able to figure out the colours based on the parents genetics. definitely an impressive rainbow litter there anyway!

That’s actually what makes it extra tricky with this litter! It’s her first litter, so she’s not that trained at pegging colours yet, and also both parents come from a pretty wishy-washy background. Nothing about the father’s background is known, because he’s actually rescued from a feeder rat breeder (he hung around with a giant snake for 24 hours, but the snake wouldn’t eat him, so they decided to give him a second chance at life thanks to his gentle nature). She chose to borrow him from her friend and use him as a father despite his unknown background, because he’s a super healthy rat, in spite of his background (he’s a year and a half old, and has only ever suffered from one single case of the sniffles, which was cured with some chamomile tea!), and he has a wonderful, gentle personality. I’m not sure exactly how much she knows about the mother, she doesn’t list a pedigree, but she does know the phenotype of both parents, at least, and also states that she’s a cinnamon carrier, so I assume more is known about her :P

But yes, it’s one impressive range of colours there, for sure! I’m really excited that even though I’m getting three rats from the same litter, they’re all vastly different colours!

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tom hiddleston: actual 5-year-old

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I’m totally stumped on the lighter girl tbh! buff can vary in shade widely so she miiiight just be a very pale buff, bit I’m tempted to think she’s got some sort of modifier that makes her a rarer colour I don’t even know the name of XD

Haha, fair enough XD The two others look pretty close to the buff sample on NFRS’ page, though, so I bet you’re right on those two!

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ah I must’ve been mentally conflating Pip’s eyes with Merry’s coat! you can’t get ruby-eyed russian blue, though - so actually probably dove or platinum if he was blue-ish? regardless yes going by those photos I’d guess Beans is buff :)

Probably! Ho-hum! The breeder claimed he was russian blue cinnamon? He was definitely some sort of blueish, but I dunno. Actually, here, have a photo of both the squishes:


…Not that it really matters what colour they were, really, but it’s fun to discuss!

Okay, Beans and his sister are buff, cool! What’d you reckon the slightly lighter sister is? She’s also ruby eyed! Looking at this, I’d think maybe if the two darker babies are buff, she’s platinum? Or maybe not, platinum is more in the cold grey/silver tones, by the looks of it. Hmm!

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