Alright cuties, Moony is here to drop some knowledge.

When I told Sprocket about this little trick, she damn near fell over. Trufax.

Right, so you’re going to a con or something, yeah? And you’re going to spend all day wearing a face-full of CATS or robot or mime or (…) makeup? Awesome!

A whole day’s worth of wear tends to, well, wear on the makeup. You may not be up on a stage sweating your cute little heinies off doing a show, but you’ll still be running around having fun, being active and stuff!

We don’t want our makeup to crumble halfway through the day, right? Right!

Now, you can get setting sprays for makeup, but that shit can be super expensive. Guess what works just as well, and costs only a small fraction of “proper” setting spray (especially if you go for the no-name stuff)? HAIRSPRAY.

Yep. I kid you not. I’ve been to many a con where I’ve been wearing CATS makeup for a whole day, running around between merch booths and rolling around on the floor entertaining other cosplayers and whatnot, with minimal damage to my makeup, all thanks to good ol’ hairspray.

I mean, if you actively rub your face or cry or eat messily or run a marathon or whatever, those things WILL still smudge your makeup. It’s not a magical barrier. But it does make the makeup stay on your face for longer! :3

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